SCS Nano-Teflon Brake/Gear Wire

At TPE Bike Show, Sunczang launched a new product ─ SCS Nano-Teflon Brake/Gear Wire and created a great response from the market.
Its features are as followed:
1. Super low friction modulus, effortless, speedy, increase gear precision
2. Less resistance, then increase brake/gear power, more safety
3. The property of anti-extension is better than the existing brake /gear inner wire, get no loose during using, more safety
4. Do not scrape the inner wire even without adding lubricant, avoid polluting vehicles and riders, convenient and save money.
6. Friction modulus is 6 times lesser than the current black Teflon brake/gear inner wire.
Sunczang said all the products are tested by professional cycling teams. Therefore, they have a strong confidence on its quality and sales. In Tour de France and Tour of Italy in 2009, all top ranked cycling teams used this new product and it really showed an outstanding performance.