Make bicycles more user-friendly (dexterous, powerful, safe, state of the art tech, simple, raise the health and enjoy riding bicycles, and economical.) Most needed- Buteo claw brake pad
●Best braking force material + top mechanics design + lasting two-years test and improvement = Double security, braking force, and user-friendly design + Half volume, weight, and price.
●Anti-lock breaking system(ABS).
●Wheel rims protection and replacement alert.
●Allow to adjust angels.
Buteo claw煞車塊為您帶來更加人性化的單車體驗。靈巧、有力、安全,卓越的產品設計,經濟實惠,運動提升健康同時享受騎乘樂趣。
●最佳煞車材質 + 頂尖機械設計 + 兩年測試改良 = 耐用安全、煞車力佳、人性化設計 + 噪音重量減半、更實惠的價格